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June 20, 2018 - Αλέξιος Μακρής

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Booth No: Δ14

Happy Dog & Happy Cat / Greece
All you feed is love
We have the knowledge… you have the choice !!!

Happy Dog S.A. is since 1989 the official representative and importer of Happy Dog and Happy Cat products in Greece.

Happy Dog SA works with pet-shops and vet clinics throughout Greece as well as trainers and certified breeders. Within the scope of our business activities is to support animal welfare activities and organizations, and throughout the year we participate as sponsors in major exhibitions, competitions and seminars in Greece to update and view issues concerning animals.

Happy Dog and Happy Cat products are based on the Natural Life Concept for a healthy nutrition of our furry friends and our main goal is to offer the best quality at the best price!

For more information about our company and products please visit our website: www.happydog.gr

History Happy Dog – Happy Cat / Germany:
The company Interquell dates back to 1765: The Müller family operates a grain mill on the River Singold in Wehringen.
1965: Pet food production starts with “Müller’s Dog Food”.
2018: Happy Cat and Happy Dog are exported to 80 countries and have a presence on three continents.

Interquell is the main company which produces the innovative food products for pets Happy Dog-Happy Cat. The company focuses on its own brand Happy Dog, top selling dried dog food in the German specialist trade. As well as Happy Dog, Interquell also produces the successful brand Happy Cat. The product range also comprises many other specialities such as premium organic food, rodent feed and ornamental fish flakes.

Quality that you can trust because:
1. We produce only within our family-owned company.
2. We use top-quality raw materials and ingredients sourced from local farmers.
3. We guarantee optimum digestibility (up to 90%).
4. We constantly endeavor to use a natural and species-appropriate variety of raw ingredients in our recipes.
5. The proteins originate from 100% pure meet of animals.
6. We do not use soya.
7. We use no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives, or genetically modified raw ingredients.
8. We are opposed to the use of animal testing.
9. Extremely stringent independent checks guarantee quality at the highest level.

More information: www.happydog.de / www.happycat.de


Happy Dog S.A.
Address: 7th Klm Paianias-Markopoulou Ave, Koropi,19400,Greece ‎
Tel. (30) + 210 6623739, 210 6627245 | Εmail: info@happydog.gr

Αλέξιος Μακρής