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July 16, 2018 - Αλέξιος Μακρής

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Booth No: Γ3, Γ6

Lydia Ltd. is considered to be one of the leaders in the market as it is the oldest company in the Greek market of pet products. It was founded by Nick and George Xydis and this year celebrates 42 years of innovation and dynamic presence.
Having a very strong sales team and the appropriate partners, always provide the best possible services and accurate information to customers. The aim of the company is its prompt ability to meet the needs of pet stores in the entire range of its products, while ensuring a balance between quality and price.
The company has long standing cooperation with foreign firms who are pioneers in the global pet market with specialized and quality products, satisfying the preferences of the most demanding consumers in the Greek market. In total, Lydia Ltd. represents a portfolio of 33 brand names from Europe, Middle East and USA.



BELCANDO – Super Premium Fresh meat, Grain-free Holistic dry and wet food for dogs
LEONARDO – Super Premium Fresh meat, Grain-free Holistic dry and wet food for cats
BEWI•DOG – Premium Wheat-free dry and wet food for dogs
BEWI•CAT – Premium sterilized dry and wet food for cats
DOGLAND – Premium dry food for dogs
SELECTION – Economy dry food for dogs & cats
AMITY – Premium & Economy dry food for dogs & cats
BEAPHAR – Medicines, food, vitamins, nutritional supplements, antiparasitic and hygiene products for birds, rodent, dogs, cats, reptiles & fishes
JRS – Sterilized premium hygiene beddings for rodents, birds, cats, horses etc.
CARREFRESH – Biodegradable beddings made from natural cellulose fibers
VAN CAT – White bentonite clumping cat litter
REPELΙ – Biocidal antiparasitic products for dogs, cats and birds
INFRONT – Antiparasitic products for dogs and cats
EXCΑLI-PRO – Biocidal collars for dogs
FLEXPLUS – Joint supplement for dogs
HUNT & HULK MAX – Natural muscle ssupplements for dogs
WOOLF SNACKS & WOOLFIES – Premium Grain & Gluten free snacks and dental series for dogs
OSSOBELLO – 100% natural and healthy premium snacks for dogs
BAKEBONES – Double-baked dog biscuits
SALMOPET – Fresh salmon oil for dogs & cats
LUXURY PERFECTION NATURELLE – Premium shampoo for dogs
ECO PERFECTION NATURELLE – Ecological biodegradable shampoo for dogs
V.I.PETS – 100% Greek handmade premium pet relaxation products for dogs & cats
PETPHABET – Houses, transport cages & accessories for dogs, cats & rodents
FOP – Cages and accessories for birds, rodents, fish, dogs & cats
2GR – Plastic non toxic accessories for birds, rodents, dogs & amphibians (feeders, drinkers, exhibition & transport cages etc.)
SISAL FIBRE – Natural fibers for nests and accessories for birds & rodents
SERINUS – Complete pate food for canaries & wild birds and hand feeding products
PSITTACUS – Complete croquette food for parrots and hand feeding products
KAYTEE – Complete croquette for parrots and hand feeding products
RΟΥΑL VOGELFUTTER – Premium mixtures and eggfoods for birds and rodents
NEKTON – Supplements and vitamins for birds, reptiles, dogs & cats
CLAUS – Special nutrition for insectivorous birds
SMISDOM – Plastic rings for birds


Αpostolou Pavlou 6, Νea Filothei – Marousi, P.O. 15123
Tel.: 210-67264801, Fax: 210-6748929, Email: info@lydia.gr, www.lydia.gr

Αλέξιος Μακρής